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Monday, March 4, 2013

March: New Neighbors New Trails

I love living at Daydream Cottage. Four nights (and more!)are ideal to relax into the seaside routine: a swim upon waking, creative time, cooking in my most favorite kitchen and spending time at the beach, meditating on the waves. Sitting on the sunny deck. Going with the flow. This post announces Daydream's new Mill District neighborhood view. We have new houses beyond the evergreen park divide, retaining our great sense of privacy. And, the hike off the forest access trail is now nicely groomed. Go out the Daydream Cottage front gate. Turn left, then right and ease out forest access road. Refer to landmarks pictured below: the entrance to the trail and the fork. While you are inside the forest, breathe deep. Notice the forest. Become familiar. At the fork, turn left for a short hike that leads back to the Seabrook hoop courts. Take the right fork for the long Narnia trail that ends up at Hwy 109 halfway to Pacific Beach. Head back to Seabrook, and drop down to the beach at the stairs. Take the "to the beach" path home. Get the trail map at Cottage Rentals. Yes, you can live here too. Daydream Cottage - the red roof on Lily Loop - is a home away from home beach house vacation rental for those who seek a creative retreat.